The Institute for Media and Creative Industries at Loughborough University London invites to:

Paulo Freire centennial

7 talks in preparation for the next 100 years

9th to 24th March 2021

Large creative initiatives to tackle complex problems depend on daring to think long term. The unpredictability of the future, challenged by pandemics, climate change, social and political instabilities, on the top of longstanding and increasing regimes of inequalities across the globe, suggests that we need to build and strengthen human capacities that go beyond reaching efficiency. Dealing with threats requires resilience and solidarity.

This cycle celebrates the centennial of the birth of Brazilian educator, Paulo Freire (1921-1997), and, inspired by his works, invites radical thinking and political imagination. Freire’s ‘ontological call’ is associated with five principles, those of humility, empathy, love, hope and dialogue (Freire, 2017, p. 33), which he presented as the spirit of one of his main referential works, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, originally published in 1968. These principles were developed by Freire in different degrees and forms throughout his works, and they also served as inspiration for many thinkers and practitioners all over the world. Can they serve as seminal inspiration for creatively devising the next 100 years?

Recognizing Freire’s strong influence upon participatory communication and civil society development in Brazil and beyond[i], this cycle includes two Plenaries and five Global Exchanges. We are also inviting local groups (research centres, faculties, networks of practitioners etc) to engage organizing Local Exchanges to unfold the Global Dialogues in relation to their contexts.

[i] The Institute for Media and Creative Industries at Loughborough University has held a series of activities gathering scholars from different regions of the world about the legacy of Paulo Freire in the field of participatory communication and civil society development. Recently, we have published two special issues coming from a previous cycle of debates around this subject. You can see them here and here.



Communities of Local Exchange

The Communities of Local Exchange constitute local groups in different parts of the world, who accepted to join and extend this programme of reflections to their own realities. They are different in nature and purposes, and they are organized according to their possibilities, conditions and intentions. The basic idea of these communities is to echo the Global Dialogues exploring how one, a couple or all of them make sense in their own contexts.

Profesor Karin Wilkins and Profesor Jyotika Ramaprasad will co-teach a course from August to November 2021 gathering different members of faculty and networked communities. The programme will take the Paulo Freire Centennial as a starting point, including readings and other inputs, to discuss Freire’s contributions to media and communication studies locally.

Profesor Cicilia Peruzzo will lead a session of her research group Comuni taking from one of the talks of Paulo Freire Centennial. The topic will be discussed from the perspective of scholars dealing with popular, community and alternative communication in different regions of Brazil.

Professor Raquel Paiva will offer the module “Comprehensive Epistemology in Paulo Freire – Linking, Communication and Sensitive”, including the contents of this Paulo Freire Centennial in the consultation and debate material with students. The course, offered in the graduate programs in Communication at the Federal and State Universities of Rio de Janeiro, intends to present strategic points of Freire’s thought for communication and from them to draw lines of force capable of discussing Brazil today. Classes begin on May 5, 2021.

9th to 24th March 2021

Paulo Freire

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