Recent Book Chapters

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (forthcoming). A feminist policy agenda for the age of data

governmentality in Gallagher, M. Montiel, A.V.(eds.) Handbook on Gender, Communication

and Women’s Human Rights. Wiley Blackwell and IAMCR.

 Gurumurthy, A. (2020). New cartographies of the digital commons: Going by feminist

wisdom. In Jha, P., Kumar, A., and Mishra, Y. (eds.) Labouring women: Issues and

challenges in contemporary India. Orient Blackswan.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2020). Towards a political practice of empowerment in

digital times: A feminist commentary from the Global South. In McGee, R. and Pettit, J.

(eds.) Power, empowerment and social change. Routledge.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2020). Institutional listening: An essential principle for

democracy in digital times. In Tacchi, J. and Tufte, T. (eds.) Communicating for change:

Concepts to think with. Palgrave MacMillan.

 Gurumurthy, A. (2019). Digital globality and economic margins: Unpacking myths,

recovering materialities. In Graham, M. (ed.) Digital economies at global margins. MIT


Recent Research Reports and Papers

 Gurumurthy, A., Chami, N., and Bharthur, D. (forthcoming). Platform labour in search of

value: A study to map worker organising practices and business models in the gig

economy. ILO.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2020). The deal we always wanted: A feminist action

framework for the digital economy. FES.

 Gurumurthy, A., Chami, N., and Sanjay, S. (2020). The gig is up! Worker rights for digital

day labour in India. FES India.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Bharthur, D (2020). Techno-disruptions and travel: Examining the

impacts of platformisation in the Indian tourism sector. Bread for the World.

 Gurumurthy, A. (2020). A feminist future of work in the post-pandemic moment: A new

social contract as if women matter. Feminist Digital Justice, IT for Change and DAWN.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2020). The intelligent corporation . State of Power Report,

Transnational Institute.

 Gurumurthy, A. (2019). Platform planet: Development in the intelligence economy. IT for


 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2019). The wicked problem of AI governance. Artificial

Intelligence in India – Vol 2. FES India.

 Gurumurthy, A., Vasudevan, A., and Chami, N. (2019). Born digital, born free? A sociolegal

study on young women’s experiences of online violence in South India. IT for Change.

 Gurumurthy, A.; Bharthur, D., and Chami, N. (2017) Voice or chatter? Making ICTs work for

transformative engagement. Making All Voices Count Research Report. IDS.

Recent Journal Articles

 Gurumurthy, A., Zainab, K., and Sanjay, S. (forthcoming). The macro frames of microwork:

A study of Indian women workers on AMT in the post-pandemic moment. The Economic

and Political Weekly.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (forthcoming). Towards a global digital constitutionalism – A

radical new agenda for UN75. Development.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2019). Development justice in the digital paradigm: Agenda

2030 and beyond. Development, Vol. 62, Issue 1, pp. 19 – 28.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Bharthur, D. (2018). Democracy and the algorithmic turn – Issues,

challenges and the way forward. SUR International Journal on Human Rights.

 Gurumurthy, A. (2018). Where is the ‘struggle’ in communication for social progress?.

Special Issue for Global Media and Communication, Vol. 14, Issue 2, pp. 193 – 200.

Recent Policy Briefs

 Gurumurthy, A. and Singh, P. J. (2020). Data sharing requires a data commons framework

law. Data Governance Network Policy Brief.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2019). Digital public goods: A precondition for realising the

SDGs. Global Governance Spotlight, Development and Peace Foundation Bonn.

 Gurumurthy, A, Chami, N., and Anwar, I.A. (2019). Making the digital economy work for

informal sector women in India. IT for Change.

Recent Media Articles

 Feminist frames for a brave new digitality , Digital New Deal, November 2020.

 Profiteering from the pandemic: How India’s lockdown paved the way for big e-commerce

disaster capitalism, The Heinrich Boell Foundation, June 2020.

 The pandemic and public space: Seeing like a cyberfeminis t, Firstpost, May 2020.

 A 3-Point agenda for platform workers; as if the South matters , Bot Populi, May 2020.

 How to make AI work for people and plane t, Open Democracy, March 2020.

 In a new world order driven by AI, we need to rewrite the rules of data capitalism , Open

Democracy, March 2020.

 Digital economy deserves more , Hindu Business Line, July 2019.

 How the online space for women is in a crisis and what needs to be done about i t, Firstpost,

March 2019.

 Why the debate on e-commerce must move beyond FDI rules , Hindustan Times, January 2019.