March 23th, 2021, 10 am (Sao Paulo) / 1 pm (London)

“Freire places humility as a specific requirement to recognize that people – any people – are knowledgeable. Dialogue, achieved through communication and with humility, becomes a place of encounter in everyday life, where knowledge is constructed and reconstructed on a permanent basis. (…) However, humility suggests that the authentic truth does not belong to any one individual or group, nor is it imposed by one group upon another. Authentic truth – or the authentic word, in Freire’s terminology – is rather an outcome of a permanent exercise of action and reflection that takes into account the reality and the perspective of each part (Suzina, 2019).” (Suzina & Tufte, 2020, p.414, accessible here)

Anita Gurumurthy, IT for Change, India

Anita Gurumurthy is a founding member and executive director of IT for Change (ITfC) where she leads research on emerging issues in the digital context such as the platform economy, data and AI governance, democracy in the digital age and feminist frameworks on digital justice. She also directs ITfC’s field resource centre that works with grassroots rural communities on ‘technology for social change’ models. Anita actively engages in national and international advocacy on digital rights and contributes regularly to academic and media spaces.

Recent publications

Colin Chasi, University of the Free State, South Africa

Colin Chasi is Professor and Director of the Unit for Institutional Change and Social Justice at the University of the Free State, in South Africa. He writes on the decolonisation of the discipline. With grounding in quintessential African thought, he is pursuing what he terms Participation Studies.

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