March 18th, 2021, 10h (São Paulo) 13h (Londres): Esperança

“the principle of hope is about trusting a new just social order as the horizon to pursue, like in Eduardo Galeano’s vision of utopia where every step towards it makes it move a step away, under the golden purpose of keeping one walking (Galeano, 2013). Hope is both the principle and the rule with which to achieve a critical view and a permanent search for change: ‘Freire’s work represents the communicative politics of hope – the notion that humans can change themselves and transform social conditions in order to produce a more just society’ (Waisbord, 2020). Thereby, Waisbord argues, a Freirean approach becomes a source of democratic resilience. Consequently, the opposite of asymmetry is not symmetry but is justice and coexistence in the sense of carving out space for different forms of being and understanding.” (Suzina & Tufte, 2020, p.415, accessible here)

Benjamin Ferron, Université Paris 12 Créteil, France

Benjamin Ferron is a French sociologist, PhD in Political Science and Lecturer in Political Communication at East-Paris University (Céditec EA3119). He teaches and conducts research in sociology of journalism, social movements media, communication for social change, public problems, Bourdieu’s field theory and methodology of social sciences. His fieldworks includes the French “Free Media” movement, an international comparison between the Zapatista’s transnational mediactivists network and the anti-occupation mobilizations (Israeli-Palestinian conflict), the journalistic construction of the indoor air pollution problem in France, and the precariousness of French “alternative” journalists. He publishes in French, English and Spanish, and translated Rodney Benson and James C. Scott. His current projects include the collective book Giving Voice to the “Voiceless”? Social and discursive construction of a Public Problem (with E. Née & C. Oger, 2021). He coordinates since 2017 the “Media Sociology” Network of the French Association of Sociology (RT37).

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Eriberto Gualinga Montalvo, indigenous filmaker, Ecuador

Eriberto Gualinga Montalvo is a director of documentaries, photography and music in the defence of the Amazon and human rights. He has been working with audiovisuals for 20 years and his works have been exhibited in many festivals around the world, winning the Paco Urondo, and National Geographic prizes among others.

Moderator: Burçe Çelik, Lourghborough University London 


9th to 24th March 2021

Paulo Freire

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