Closing Plenary

Pisar suavemente sobre a terra: towards a pedagogy of coexistence
March 24th, 2021, 10h (São Paulo), 13h (Londres)

Ailton Krenak, indigenous human rights activist, Brazil

Photograph: Sérgio Cohn

Ailton Krenak, indigenous human rights activist, was born in 1953, in the Doce River Valley, Minas Gerais, and belongs to the Krenak ethnic group. In 1987, in the context of the discussions of the Constituent Assembly, he led the struggle for several principles inscribed in the Federal Constitution of Brazil. He founded and directs the Nucleus of Indigenous Culture, created the Festival of Dances and Indigenous Cultures, in the 1990s, in Serra do Cipó (MG). Journalist, presenter of the series “Índios no Brasil” for TV Educativa in 1998, and the series with indigenous thematic “Tarú Andé” for TV-Canal Futura in 2007. Author of texts and articles published in collections in Brazil and abroad. In January 2016, he was awarded the diploma of ´Professor Honoris Causa´ by the Federal University of Juiz de Fora-UFJF.

In 1987, he received the Letellier Moffite International Human Rights Award for Latin America from the Letellier Foundation in Washington DC. In 1989, he received the prestigious Onassis Award – Man and Society, from the Aristotle Onassis Foundation, in Athens-Greece. In 2005, he received the National Human Rights Award – Brazil; in 2008 the Order of the Order of Cultural Merit of Brazil; and in 2015, the Grand Cross of the Order of Cultural Merit of Brazil.

Moderator: Ana Cristina Suzina


9th to 24th March 2021

Paulo Freire

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