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“Dialogue is Freire’s central mechanism of change and this is what makes Peruzzo define that, more than pedagogical, Freire’s vision is one of communication. As she states, communication is profoundly inscribed into his model of teaching and learning. It is part and parcel of a permanent exchange between teachers and pupils. Waisbord takes the argument a step further, suggesting that ‘communication is how we learn to be human’, and highlighting how Freire’s work displays several features that configure a ‘blueprint for democratic communication’ that clashes with any manifestation of populism. Dialogue is, therefore, a cross-cutting principle.” (Suzina & Tufte, 2020, p.414, accessible here)

Claudia Magallanes, Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, Mexico

Claudia Magallanes Blanco is Professor in the Department of Humanities at Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, Mexico where she co-founded the masters’ in Communication and Social Change. She holds a PhD in Humanities from University of Western Sydney, Australia and a specialization on Epistemologies of the South by the Latin American Council on Social Sciences (CLACS). An academic and activist for social justice, she has been working with collectives and organizations concerned with community and indigenous communication for more than 15 years. Her research is mainly centered in the participatory diagnosis, evaluation and planning of indigenous and community media and communication projects. She also has worked on Media and communication practices of Social Movements in Latin America.

Together with Charlotte Ryan and Alice Mattoni, she is coeditor of the book series Media and Communication Activism: The Empowerment Practices of Social Movements edited by Routledge (https://www.routledge.com/Media-and-Communication-Activism/book-series/MCA)

She was a collaborator in the Chapter on Media and Communications edited by Nick Couldry and Clemencia Rodriguez in the report of the International Panel on Social Progress (www.ipsp.org)

She is co-author of the article Digital Inclusion Across the Americas and the Caribbean (https://www.cogitatiopress.com/socialinclusion/article/view/2632)

Other publications can be found on her Academia profile: https://iberopuebla.academia.edu/ClaudiaqMagallanesBlanco

Mayrá Lima, Landless Workers Movement, Brazil

Mayrá Lima is a journalist and doctor in Political Science from the University of Brasília. She is a member of the communication sector of the Landless Rural Workers Movement / MST-Brasil and has worked in communication collectives, such as Intervozes- Coletivo Brasil de Comunicação Social. She researches the political behavior of rural elites in Brazil and issues related to communication and democracy, social movements and participation.


César Jiménez-Martínez, Cardiff University

Happy Singu Hansen, Loughborugh University London



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