Recent Book Chapters

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (forthcoming). A feminist policy agenda for the age of data governmentality in Gallagher, M. Montiel, A.V.(eds.) Handbook on Gender, Communication and Women’s Human Rights. Wiley Blackwell and IAMCR.

 Gurumurthy, A. (2020). New cartographies of the digital commons: Going by feminist wisdom. In Jha, P., Kumar, A., and Mishra, Y. (eds.) Labouring women: Issues and challenges in contemporary India. Orient Blackswan.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2020). Towards a political practice of empowerment in digital times: A feminist commentary from the Global South. In McGee, R. and Pettit, J. (eds.) Power, empowerment and social change. Routledge.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2020). Institutional listening: An essential principle for democracy in digital times. In Tacchi, J. and Tufte, T. (eds.) Communicating for change: Concepts to think with. Palgrave MacMillan.

 Gurumurthy, A. (2019). Digital globality and economic margins: Unpacking myths, recovering materialities. In Graham, M. (ed.) Digital economies at global margins. MIT


Recent Research Reports and Papers

 Gurumurthy, A., Chami, N., and Bharthur, D. (forthcoming). Platform labour in search of

value: A study to map worker organising practices and business models in the gig

economy. ILO.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2020). The deal we always wanted: A feminist action

framework for the digital economy. FES.

 Gurumurthy, A., Chami, N., and Sanjay, S. (2020). The gig is up! Worker rights for digital

day labour in India. FES India.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Bharthur, D (2020). Techno-disruptions and travel: Examining the

impacts of platformisation in the Indian tourism sector. Bread for the World.

 Gurumurthy, A. (2020). A feminist future of work in the post-pandemic moment: A new

social contract as if women matter. Feminist Digital Justice, IT for Change and DAWN.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2020). The intelligent corporation . State of Power Report,

Transnational Institute.

 Gurumurthy, A. (2019). Platform planet: Development in the intelligence economy. IT for


 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2019). The wicked problem of AI governance. Artificial

Intelligence in India – Vol 2. FES India.

 Gurumurthy, A., Vasudevan, A., and Chami, N. (2019). Born digital, born free? A sociolegal

study on young women’s experiences of online violence in South India. IT for Change.

 Gurumurthy, A.; Bharthur, D., and Chami, N. (2017) Voice or chatter? Making ICTs work for

transformative engagement. Making All Voices Count Research Report. IDS.

Recent Journal Articles

 Gurumurthy, A., Zainab, K., and Sanjay, S. (forthcoming). The macro frames of microwork:

A study of Indian women workers on AMT in the post-pandemic moment. The Economic

and Political Weekly.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (forthcoming). Towards a global digital constitutionalism – A

radical new agenda for UN75. Development.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2019). Development justice in the digital paradigm: Agenda

2030 and beyond. Development, Vol. 62, Issue 1, pp. 19 – 28.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Bharthur, D. (2018). Democracy and the algorithmic turn – Issues,

challenges and the way forward. SUR International Journal on Human Rights.

 Gurumurthy, A. (2018). Where is the ‘struggle’ in communication for social progress?.

Special Issue for Global Media and Communication, Vol. 14, Issue 2, pp. 193 – 200.

Recent Policy Briefs

 Gurumurthy, A. and Singh, P. J. (2020). Data sharing requires a data commons framework

law. Data Governance Network Policy Brief.

 Gurumurthy, A. and Chami, N. (2019). Digital public goods: A precondition for realising the

SDGs. Global Governance Spotlight, Development and Peace Foundation Bonn.

 Gurumurthy, A, Chami, N., and Anwar, I.A. (2019). Making the digital economy work for

informal sector women in India. IT for Change.

Recent Media Articles

 Feminist frames for a brave new digitality , Digital New Deal, November 2020.

 Profiteering from the pandemic: How India’s lockdown paved the way for big e-commerce

disaster capitalism, The Heinrich Boell Foundation, June 2020.

 The pandemic and public space: Seeing like a cyberfeminis t, Firstpost, May 2020.

 A 3-Point agenda for platform workers; as if the South matters , Bot Populi, May 2020.

 How to make AI work for people and plane t, Open Democracy, March 2020.

 In a new world order driven by AI, we need to rewrite the rules of data capitalism , Open

Democracy, March 2020.

 Digital economy deserves more , Hindu Business Line, July 2019.

 How the online space for women is in a crisis and what needs to be done about i t, Firstpost,

March 2019.

 Why the debate on e-commerce must move beyond FDI rules , Hindustan Times, January